27 February 2015

R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy ~ Live Long and Prosper...

Alas Leonard Nimoy has passed away at 83 of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which he attributed to years of smoking cigs. Born and raised in Boston's West End by immigrant Jews from Soviet Ukraine, he's perhaps best remembered for his enduring portrayal of the mostly logical half-Vulcan Mr Spock on Star Trek, where his signature hand-gesture emerged and also the tagline which inspired me and so many others -- "Live Long and Prosper".

25 February 2015

PIVOT the World ~ Historic Site Visualizations!

Very cool to see our alumco PIVOT now Kickstarting!
"PIVOT is an app that lets you see what a place looked like in the past and digitally streamlines the preservation of culture & history!"

24 February 2015

09 February 2015

Snow Pros ~ Competent Removal vs Shitshow

Watching the local yokels here in Boston keep pushing snow around from street to sidewalk (and then back again) and dealing with it in what is surely the most incompetent possible fashion, inspires our visit to places that actually know what they're doing. First, Montreal... (But don't Get Plowed by the Canuck Mob while you're at it!-)

Next, Helsinki... Norway... Netherlands... Italy... Japan... Finally, stop your excuses, here's Hokkaido, Japan...

CHAPPiE ~ Sentient AI, Childlike Robot, Plus++

Prime cultural exports from South Africa involved in new AI robots SF futureflick CHAPPiE! Blomkamp directs, dialing up post-District 9 & Elysium, starring Sigorney, Jackman, Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er too! This is not merely Die Antwoord, but Die AI! Check the trailer... FYI, here's Blomkamp's original Tetra Vaal short...

Moving Mr Al ~ 400 Ton Oak Tree Shifted!

Berard heavy lifts Mr Al, a 400 ton oak tree 2 klicks!

04 February 2015

Urbanization Map ~ Charting Rise of Megacities...

The Economist Daily Chart spotlights the Rise of the Megacity...
"By 2030 nearly 9% of the world's population will be living in just 41 megacities (those with more than 10m inhabitants), according to the UN. London earned megacity status in 2013 and Asia will account for over half of the world's 29 megacities in 2015. By 2030 Lagos in Nigeria, Africa's most populous city, is forecasted to have over 24m residents."