18 September 2012

Sperm Cam ~ Imaging Elusive Spiral Swimmers!

Nature's Helen Shen spotlights that Light-Sensing Chip Captures Elusive Sperm Swimming Pattern...
"A new three-dimensional imaging technique has revealed spiraling movements that had previously only been inferred from two-dimensional data. [This is the] first large-scale, high-resolution recordings of human sperm in three dimensions, tracking more than 1,500 cells over several hours. Human sperm have eluded such detailed observation in the past. Their heads are just 3–4 micrometers long and can only be seen under high magnification, but the cells zoom around at up to 100 micrometers per second, ducking in and out of focus or darting out of range in an instant."
Hmm, camera shy or eggs-tremely focused?-)

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