15 June 2013

Ghost Army ~ Art and Illusion to Fool WWII Nazis

CBS's Jim Axelrod spots World War II "Ghost Army" used decoy art to dupe the Nazis...
"The previously unknown story of an army of artists who helped America win World War Two is being told in a new documentary, showing how the artists used their talents to "put one over" on the Nazis. Eighty-eight-year old Jack Masey's army job during World War II was to blow things up. But not the way one might think. "I was in the rubber army as I called it. The inflatable army," said Jack Masey Masey's unit had a mission: to deceive the Germans into thinking Allied forces were in one location, while real U.S. troops advanced miles away. They became known as "The Ghost Army," a thousand artists, designers and audio technicians using sights and sounds to dupe the enemy."

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