20 May 2014

Drone do Amor ~ Brazilian "Love" Quadcopters

Lovely to have Brazilian social entrepreneur Francisco Almendra share his Love Drone story...
"I am using UAVs (drones) to bring awareness and celebration to the skies in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I've created a project called the Love Drone which films what is going on in the city from above with a lighthearted touch, from the summer parties and Carnaval, to the street protests, the FIFA World Cup and the upcoming presidential elections process. In this area, I'm also thinking about ways to use small UAVs to interact with the people on the street in a variety of ways, from delivering personal messages and small objects as part of art or urban intervention projects, to projecting large scale messages using laser pointers connected to embedded electronics hooked on the internet from the air -- e.g., imagine a drone downloading tweets and projecting them realtime on a public building from the air during a street protest..."

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