29 November 2007

Urban Innovations & Developmental Entrepreneurship

I interviewed Kareem Howard, founder of VehicleSense, on my TV show today. His technology allows tracking cars and trucks for the purpose of managing parking spaces and spreading information about spot availability. This is a great example of an urban innovation, something which will enable ever more responsive cities which are both economically viable and ecologically sustainable. This is a powerful theme, one which forms the basis for a new seminar I'm incubating together with MIT Professors Bill Mitchell and Kent Larson for Spring 2008.

I then went to the MIT Stata Center for the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition's Development Track mixer. Guest speaker Illac Diaz -- formerly of MIT SPURS, now a KSG Mason Fellow -- spotlighted his four (4) winning entries in both IDEAS and MIT $100K! Amazing stuff and evidence of the tremendous entrepreneurial vitality of Illac and his Filipino teammates. This kind of venture crafting and innovative leadership is just what we are seeking to support through our Developmental Entrepreneurship initiatives.

Afterwards Illac and I headed to the MIT Muddy Charles Pub where we met with MIT Sloan MBA First-Year Jenny Kwan to talk shop about her efforts with SEID, energy in China, and a new ultra stealth-mode solar-thermal venture. They were both in good humor so it turned into Roast Joost night.

Even newly minted PhD Dave Danielson weighed in (presumably to maintain his cred as a "minor Muddy legend").

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