13 September 2009

Transjordan Peace Park ~ Rethinking the River...

Thanks to BBC for their Journey Down The Jordan slideshow. Currently this waterway is over-exploited, with ~90% of natural flow redirected and what's left polluted with untreated sewage. It remains a largely militarized no-crossing zone. The Dead Sea water level drop a meter or so per year largely on account of reduced Jordan inflow. Seeing the natural, historical, spiritual, and economic importance of the Jordan River system reminds me of my past postings on both the Peace Parks idea and on prospects for economic developments on the frontier. Why not let's transform the majority of the border zone into a transfrontier conservation area, surrounded by sustainable farm- and ranchlands, and punctuated by dense, well-run, ecologically-benign vital cities from Aqaba up past New Jericho and beyond? Indeed, elements of this are just what EcoPeace Friends of the Earth Middle East are proposing.

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