30 May 2015

Oldest Person ~ Rectangularization of Mortality!

David Goldenberg at FiveThirtyEight writes Why The Oldest Person In The World Keeps Dying...
"The cutoff for mortality has remained relatively firm. Robert Young, a guy with a remarkable name considering he’s the senior claims researcher for the Gerontology Research Group and the senior gerontology consultant for Guinness World Records, refers to this phenomenon as the “rectangularization of the mortality curve.” People are getting older on average, but the oldest are still dying around the same age as ever. Thus, when one of them does take over as the oldest, she doesn’t have much time left. The average age of the oldest-ever people has increased over the past 40 years from around 112 to around 114."
Plus lovely ageless infographic... http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/why-the-oldest-person-in-the-world-keeps-dying/ Of course, that plot doesn't show "rectangularization" -- for this we need the actual Mortality Curve which is discernibly rectifying... http://publishing.cdlib.org/ucpressebooks/view?docId=ft096n99tf&chunk.id=d0e2515&toc.id=&brand=ucpress

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