28 September 2011

Zeebl ~ MIT Alumco's Mobile 3D Copy Machine!

Whoa, PhotoCAD is LIVE! MIT Imaging Ventures alumco Viztu sez...
"Zeebl is a mobile application developed by Viztu Technologies. It allows anyone to create a 3D copy of an object, just by taking a video of it. Zeebl uses Viztu Technologies' hypr3D 3D reconstruction platform. With hypr3D users can create a 3D model from digital photos or videos and the models can be viewed online in an interactive viewer, shared with anyone, embedded on other sites, and even downloaded and/or 3D printed in a number of materials. With Zeebl, it's like having a 3D Xerox machine in your pocket!"

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iamashmartin said...

Thanks for helping to spread the word. We think this has some serious potential!