30 January 2011

MIT Imaging Ventures ~ Tue 6-8p Spring 2011

MIT Imaging Ventures ~ Cameras, Displays, and Visual Computing is a Spring 2011 Action Lab on the opportunities and challenges for businesses based on emergent imaging innovations. We study the landscape of imaging developments, plan business strategies and brainstorm towards a startup, business unit, non-profit or citizen sector organization. To bring imaging research to the real world, the students will be encouraged to build teams and craft a business plan. The class will include live case studies of established and emerging businesses, through talks by invited business speakers, as well as surveys of commercialization and the innovation landscape in every arena of imaging including Mobile Camera Phones, Cameras in Developing Counties, Image-Search, Scientific Imaging, Medical Devices, Online Photo Sharing, Portable Displays, Large format visual interfaces, Computational Photography. Please spread the word to those you think might be interested. First class Tue night February 1st, 2011 in Media Lab E14-525.

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