16 July 2012

Santa Cruz Boardwalk ~ Epic CA Amusements!

Thinking back to my youth, I remember the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk as a favorite spot. And it's still going as one of the last great seaside resorts!  A bit of the background and history...
"The Boardwalk extends along the coast of the Monterey Bay, from just east of the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf to the mouth of the San Lorenzo River. [...] The Boardwalk was founded by Santa Cruz businessman Fred Swanton (1862–1940), who aimed to create a resort on the West Coast similar to Coney Island or Atlantic City, New Jersey [...] The West Coast once hosted many more beach parks, including the Pike in Long Beach, California, Neptune Beach in Alameda and Playland at San Francisco's Ocean Beach. Those all have long since closed, but the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk survives as a reminder of a bygone era."

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