02 December 2013

Surprise Rescue ~ Saved from Sunken Jascon 4!

Thanks to gCaptain's Mike Schuler for spotting the stunning surprise rescue of Nigerian cook Harrison Okene from the sunken tug Jascon 4, which had settled 30m down on the ocean floor after capsizing... And here's the simply amazing experience from the DCN Global diver Nico van Heerden's perspective... Note Nico's squeeky voice probably comes from breathing a helium-oxygen blend and not from getting a "huge fright" from a hand reaching out of the briny gloom! The long recovery period was to avoid the bends decompression sickness. Cook Okene stayed cool despite traumatic circumstances and speed with which things went wrong. This is great illustration of why should never quit and also of need for better imaging and mapping and robo-automation tools to help navigate and understand extreme conditions, including deepwater, sharp edges, etc.

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