02 April 2014

Digital Paper ~ Sony's A4 Featuring E-Ink Mobius!

E-Ink co-founder and MIT Media Lab colleague Joe Jacobson shared their saga in Imaging & Fabrication Ventures class this morning and spotlit the latest development: Sony's revelation of the semi-flexible 13.3-inch diagonal A4 sized Digital Paper. ExtremeTech's Sebastian Anthony writes...
"At $1100 (shipping in May), Digital Paper is being pitched at education, business, and legal environments. Digital Paper appears to only support PDFs, but the website implies that software is included to convert Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files to PDF format. Stylus input appears to be accurate and high-resolution, though e-ink’s refresh latency might cause you some mental discomfort. 4GB of internal storage and a micro SD slot should give you plenty of space for annotating textbooks and documents. At just 357 grams (12.6 ounces), Digital Paper is by far the lightest large-screen tablet on the market, too (the iPad Air is a chunky 469 grams). Hopefully this is the beginning of an exciting, flexible-and-light-weight computing revolution!"

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