05 August 2014

Bicycle Innovations ~ Streetfilms on Copenhagen!

Mikael Colville-Andersen from Copenhagenize spotlights The Green Waves of Copenhagen and points to a nice little Streetfilm about Bicycle Innovations...
"The busiest bicycle street in the world has changed! Now the Knippelsbro Bridge boasts 40,700 riders per day! And speaking of bridges, Copenhagen is building SIX new bike/ped only bridges to help its citizens get around easier. Last month another cool bridge debuted -- the Cykelslangen "Cycle Snake" or "The Snake". You'll see lots of footage as we travelled back and forth over it. It is truly a work of beauty and the riding is incredibly smooth. Even going uphill seems pretty easy! You'll see lots of other things that will make you happy (or angry your city isn't doing it!) Including waste baskets angled for cyclists, LED lights that indicate whether riders have to speed up to catch the green wave, and a cool treatment for cobblestone streets that helps make biking easier."

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