26 January 2015

Snowzilla ~ Clearance Technologies Over Time!

The Globe spotlights the history of snow clearance technology over time, including my favorite -- Snowzilla!
"A powerful but homely creature, Snowzilla sounds like 10,000 hair dryers running at once and resembles a cross between an aardvark and a tollbooth. It sits on railroad wheels, weighs 26,000 pounds, and measures 8 by 12 by 27 feet -- though most of that length is taken up by its elongated snout. Its thirst for fuel is so great -- it guzzles 900 gallons in a single run -- that a tanker truck must follow it from station to station."
http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/2015/01/24/snowtron-and-snowzilla-how-boston-removed-snow-from-its-streets-throughout-history/v8455vpxuBjJ8KmRFDPguK/story.html?p1=well_BlizzardWatch_main_hp And here's it is in full blow!

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