23 February 2009

GreenWheel ~ Electro-Motorized Bicycle Retrofit

Nice write-up in AutoBlog Green by Domenick Yoney on MIT GreenWheel: Simply an electric bicycle revolution about the MIT Media Lab SmartCities team building...
"...a wheel that can turn an ordinary bicycle into a very desirable electric one in an easy, cost effective manner. Enclosing a motor, A123 Systems batteries and a generator into a small aluminum pancake hub, the GreenWheel can give you up to 25 miles of propulsion, or much more if you don't mind pedaling. Unlike conversions kits from the past, it forgoes running wires the length of your bike by incorporating the magic of bluetooth to control the twist-throttle."
This is a great emerging innovation sector. Check out my earlier posts on Wheelmotors and RevoPower as well as about Practical Cycles more generally.

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