02 February 2009

D-Lab ~ The MIT Int'l Development Action Labs

At MIT we live up to our motto Mens et Manus and our humanistic mission -- "for the betterment of humanity" -- by doing international development. The D-Lab family of classes has blossomed from a Haiti Class taught by my MIT colleague Amy Smith, an extracurricular DesignThatMatters offering by Media Lab grad students, and a water and sanitation class by Civil & Environmental colleague Susan Murcott to a whole suite of offerings throughout the year along the extended development innovation pipeline from Discovery to Design to Dissemination and beyond! The latest incarnations include ICT, Wheelchairs, Prosthetics, Health, and more. There's an ever expanding Fall and Spring sequence (green and yellow, respectively)... This is a great set of activities and I'm proud to be collaborating on this with some really wonderful colleagues!

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