28 December 2008

Practical Cycles ~ Useful Everyday City Solutions

I've written recently about several human-powered cycle solutions (and the corresponding metropolitan support infrastructure), including on:
This cycle powered saga will only escalate going forward since bikes are absolutely key to future green, clean, sustainable, vital cities! It's important for us to look at the lead user cities and countries as testbeds for showing the way globally. In this regard, here's a survey piece from Reuters about the Dutch Quest for Practical Bicycles...
And here's a Cycle Copenhagen special report... And the first A Billion Bikes episode about Copenhagen... Finally, I'm posting again this wonderful piece on Cycling Friendly Cities by former Mayor of Bogota, Colombia Enrique Peñalosa...

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erika said...

Love it!

You should also check out the local innovators at A.N.T.:

But really, where are the helmets????