28 January 2010

Rapid Shelter Solutions ~ Tempohousing Delivers!

I'm delighted to see that one of my favorite urban ventures -- Tempohousing -- has pulled together a suite of Rapid Shelter Solutions for Haitian-reconstruction (and for recovery-and-regeneration zones, in general), and offers a...
"...fast solution to build new homes for displaced families [...] The system anticipates an extreme short set up time with complete packages shipped from our factory in China. Solid structures that are storm and earthquake proof and provide safe and comfortable shelter at the lowest cost is essential in this stage of helping the victims. [...] What Tempohousing offers is so called 2nd stage support that comes after the first aid with tents, food and medicines. In the 2nd stage the rebuilding of the country has priority. Download the brochure with technical details, pictures and pricing..."
This is a great initiative, and I hope a commercially viable and socially responsible venture! As I wrote about immediately post-quake, Haiti needs a whole family of containerized urgent solutions that are fast, flexible, and scalable.

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