30 March 2012

Toys MD ~ MIT's Jose Gomez-Marquez on CNN...

CNN's What's Next profiles my MIT colleague Jose Gomez-Marquez!
"Everyone in the world deserves proper medical devices, even if they can’t afford them. And that’s where toys come in. “When you look at a toy today, you’re actually looking at an engineered part,” says Gomez-Marquez. “They are mechanical bits and pieces. Sometimes there’s even chemistry that you can harvest from a toy.” Walk into Jose Gomez-Marquez’s Little Devices Lab at MIT and you’ll see toys and medical devices -- everywhere. “When you're using toys, it demystifies the process of medical technology,” says Gomez-Marquez. [He] wants to empower, as he puts it, the “MacGyver doctor and the hacker nurse” in small villages in developing countries with little resources. So he’s teaching them not only how to find the right toys to “hack,” or repurpose for medical devices, but he’s giving them the basic building blocks with MEDIKits."

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