03 March 2012

BicycleDutch ~ Mark Wagenbuur's New Site!

Excellent to see Mark Wagenbuur announce his new site BicycleDutch to complement his excellent videos at Cycling in the Netherlands! Plus Mark's previous collaborator David Hembrow continues to post his View From the Cycle Path. Among the lovely nuggets Mark writes about are Sustainable Safety or “Duurzaam veilig” in Dutch...
"...an idea based on five principles:
  1. Functionality (of roads)
  2. Homogeneity (of mass, speed and direction of road users)
  3. Predictability (of road course and road user behavior by a recognizable road design)
  4. Forgivingness (of both the road/street environment and the road users)
  5. State awareness (by the road user)"
He includes very practical examples such as this Forgiving Curb...
"It has a 45 degree angle. Less dangerous than the older curbs with a more common 90 degree angle. A cyclist accidently hitting this new type of curb is less likely to fall."
I'm looking forward to many more good things to come!

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