28 October 2018

Future Commerce ~ Fall 2018 H2 Seminar...

This Tuesday 10/30/2018 from 1-2:30pm is the introductory kickoff class session of our half-semester 6-unit Future Commerce seminar in the MIT Media Lab room E14-244. Please spread the word! Listeners & cross-registrants welcome.  We explore emerging technologies that will transform financial services.  Our top thematic areas include:
  • Money ~ Blockchain-based digital currencies; novel barter platforms; peer-to-peer technologies; 
  • Markets ~ Wisdom of crowds & prediction markets; fraud meets flash crashes; network-enabled markets; Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs);
  • Transactions & Marketplaces ~ Marketplace stack of identity, reputation, marketplace, money; the foundation of assets over IP; how blockchain, mobile platforms and digital currencies give inclusive access;
  • Infrastructure ~ Identity, Security & Privacy challenges; cybersecurity; anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Client (KYC) rules;
  • AI & Emerging Technologies ~ Understanding the impacts of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies on financial services.
Scheduled guest speakers include Yaniv Altshuler, CEO Endor; Snejina Zacharia, CEO Insurify; Jeremy Allaire, CEO Circle; Meltem Demirors, CSO CoinShares; Prof. Alex Pentland, Connection Science & Human Dynamics; Clara Durodié, Chair, Cognitive Finance Group; Will Graylin, CEO OVLoop; Amias Gerety, Partner, QED / fmr U.S. Treasury Dept.

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