14 February 2008

Tegu Toyworks ~ MIT-Linked Venture in Honduras

In an article entitled Saving the Rainforest with... Toys, MIT Science Writer David Chandler writes about MIT Sloan MBA student Craig Doescher's recent venture experience in Honduras helping build up Tegu Toyworks, a kids toys business using sustainably harvested woods. This is one of the great teams my colleagues and I helped support with an MIT Developmental Entrepreneurship-IDRC Seed Grant over IAP 2008.

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Unknown said...

Honduran people dont need more companies that only come to our country to destroy our natural resources. We are tired of this!!

To sell the idea of this kind of project, owners of companyes will try to put in their contracts the most beautiful words trying with that to get the support from any government in this case Honduran government who has been for years corrupt.
I am sure as is usual that the Honduran handcraftst who will be working with "Tegu Toyworks" will recieve poor salaries if we compering them with the high cost of each toy in United States.