29 February 2008

Apple's Overly Edgy Industrial Design Bites

So I'm a new Air owner. No surprise given my previous lust. It's pretty great except where it really bites. Edges, especially unnecessarily sharp edges, really bite. Literally. While the smoothly curvaceous outer surface is enviable and glorious, the 90 degree knife-edges inside are both aesthetically ugly and physiologically harmful. For the love of god, please smooth and round ALL edges. This ought to be Design School 101, obvious to even amateurs.

(P.S. A shout out to MIT Sloan alumna and former MIT Innovation Club President Serena Cheng who -- veritable lore has it -- inspired the Apple Air-in-an-Envelope ad campaign as an Apple marketing maven!)


Unknown said...

Or was it conceived by Pixar?


Lynn Dalton said...

Yes, Apple has had some sharp corners on a couple of generations of iPods too. They should slide into a pocket with nothing sharp to add discomfort in your pocket. Mr Ives has has some brain farts among his otherwise great designs.