22 May 2008

Tragic South Africa ~ Misguided Violence; Extraordinary Injustice

As if Apartheid wasn't enough, now we have one band of "black" southern africans assaulting another. This is even more clearly evil because it's no longer simplistically macro-colonial legacy and skin color, but rather it's micro-economic choice and internecine tribal warfare plain and simple. And disgusting. The Al Jazeera coverage spotlights the ultimate irony of white Afrikaner policemen protecting Mozambiqean and Zimbawean immigrants from "native" South Africans... What we really need is competent policies encouraging massive economic development in South Africa and the SADC region. The whole area should be as thriving -- on a per-capita economic basis -- as California or Chile or Australia or south coastal China. There should be no economic reason at all for violence. Everyone can and should prosper together.

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