31 May 2008

Towards LEED Cities ~ More Greenscrapers & Greenspaces

Humanity is urbanizing rapidly, which can mean more sprawls, slums and worse. Or it can mean developing delightful, intense and vital cities with greenscrapers, roofgardens, parkspaces, widewalks, and better. As I've written about before, the MIT campus is a microcosm of the world at large, a small city in its own right, and the ideal place to learn about accelerating urban innovations by doing it, by weaving together multiple new and retrofitted LEED buildings to create a LEED Campus and, indeed, LEED Cities.

Towards this goal, some interesting elements I've run across lately, including the Better Streets plan in San Francisco, which is part of a larger Livable City initiative... On the greenbuilding front, Israeli Technion lecturer architects Tagit Klimor and David Knafo were honored for their design of this Wuhan, China Agro-Housing apartment complex such that every household has greenhouse gardens (we need whole neighborhoods of these things)... Jetson Green spotlights this Viñoly greenscraper approved for development in London... Note especially the Skygarden (seems totally enclosed though)... Finally, The Grist list of top Green Cities.

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