05 May 2008

MIT-Masdar Symposium

Today is the MIT-Masdar Symposium, an unveiling and celebration of MIST, the Masdar Institute of Science & Technology and joint-engagements between MIST & MIT. This morning Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, CEO of the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company/Masdar, described the founding vision of the Initiative and Institute. Among his comments: "We're started small, just like MIT in 1860s." "We both learn by doing." He emphasized that "vision without action is absolutely meaningless." So with a "$15 Billion initial investment" to create MIST and pursue "every facet of clean technologies" through a "number of investment vehicles, including a $250 Million cleantech fund" they are "applying scale & capital." To sum up, Dr Al-Jaber quotes Frank Ghery saying... "In Abu Dhabi we can do things which are unthinkable anywhere else." (Which is a bit worrisome since MIT is suing Ghery for incompetence.)

Following Dr Al-Jaber, Falah Al Ahbabi, General Manager of the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council showcased Plan Abu Dhabi 2030, the urban plan and growth vision for Abu Dhabi generally, including the Masdar ecocity. Fascinating! Here's a rendering of the overall plan for Masdar...

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