10 August 2008

Recommended Readings 080810 ~ On Universities, Laptops, Tools, TinyTech, Economies, Health, God, Dogs, Flying, Poverty, Explosions, Censorship, New...

Intellectual eye-candy of the week...
  • Newsweek's Stefan Theil writes about The Campus Of The Future: To better compete, a few bold leaders are rethinking their schools from the ground up.
  • Bryan Appleyard writes in the Sunday Times how Fat-Cat Multinationals Got Scared [and broke the $100 laptop].
  • Jessica Bruder in the NYTimes covers powertool drag races in My Belt Sander Can Beat Your Circular Saw.
  • David Rejeski of the Projct on Emerging Nanotechnologies at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars opines on Big questions on tiny, tiny technology in the Boston Globe.
  • Niall Ferguson of Harvard comments in the FT about How a local squall might become a global tempest.
  • Marcus Leroux in the Times describes the amazing story Built in the garage: how kidney doctor put together home-made dialysis machine to save a baby.
  • The Times features excerpts from Brian Kolodiejchuk's collection of Mother Teresa's writings entitled 'I feel unwanted by God'.
  • Boston dogs rent-a-dog writes Anjali Athavaley in the WSJ article entitled An Idea Whose Time Has Come: The Time-Share Dog: Monica Had 2 Families, 2 Names, Much Love; Boston Bans Short Pooch Leases.
  • John Schwartz checks out cool gadget flying machines in NYTimes article From Comics to James Bond To a Liftoff in the Backyard.
  • It's expensive to be poor writes Kevin Lewis in his Globe Uncommon Knowledge Ideas column.
  • USA Today's Gary Strauss writes 'Mythbusters' hosts relish blowing up stuff on TV.
  • Speaking of blowing things up, Asra Nomani writes in the WSJ that You Still Can't Write About Muhammad about Random House canceling a book about the prophet's underage wife for fear that it would "incite acts of violence". Right, that's modernity and civilization for you.
  • Another installment in the How to Get the Biggest Bang for $10 Billion series in the WSJ.
  • Interesting to read Carol Hymowitz's piece in the WSJ that IBM Combines Volunteer Service, Teamwork to Cultivate Emerging Markets.
  • Finally, Nicholas Kulish writes in the NYTimes from Friedrichshafen that In Germany, a City's Famed Industry Now Helps Keep It Afloat about the renewing zeppelin industry.

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