24 August 2008

Recommended Readings 080824 ~ On Innovation, Women, Opensource, Totalitarianism, Surgery, Startups, Ugliness, Drugs, Anarchy, and Development...

Food for thought...
  • Thist for oil feeds Oman innovation writes Ellen Knickmeyer in the Globe.
  • Jennifer Powell writes in the Herald about Prof Pioneered Biz Women Study about Babson Professor Candida Brush, author of Clearing The Hurdles.
  • Sarah Kershaw in the NYTimes writes about Crowdfunding in A Different Way to Pay for the News You Want, where "journalists turn to the public for ideas and the money to do their investigative reporting."
  • Carolyn Johnson in the Globe spotlights new trends among younger researchers who are Out in the Open: Some Scientists Sharing Results.
  • Jeff Jacoby signals his disgust in a Globe opinion piece about China's Totalitarian Games.
  • Michael Sheridan in the Times reveals the latest Olympian outrage in his piece, Millions Forfeit Water to Games, about farmers in Baoding facing ruin from man-made drought -- water supply cut off to guarantee supplies to the Games. Incompetent barbarians.
  • Martin Arnold in the FT writes about Alert Over Seizure of Assets in Emerging Markets.
  • Benjamin Friedman in the NYTimes reviews Nudge, a book about "improving decisions about health, wealth, and happiness" in Guiding Forces.
  • John Plender in the FT signals The Return of the State: How Government is Back at the Heart of Economic Life.
  • Surgeons Prepare for World's First Full-Face Transplant writes David Rose in the Times.
  • Jim Schoonmaker, CEO of EveryScape, is profiled in the BBJ.
  • In the Foot-in-Mouth department we have Sophie Tedmanson's report in the Times that 'Beer Goggle' Outback Town Offers Love to Ugly Women quoting honest John Molony, mayor of Mount Isa who seeks to attract to "beauty-disadvantaged" women for the lonely blokes among his constituents.
  • Mary Anastasia O'Grady writes in the WSJ that Mexico Pays the Price of Prohibition, about the collateral damage of the unconstitutional US drug-war.
  • Anarchy-Cursed Nation Looks to Bottom-Up Rule writes Jeffrey Gettleman in the NYTimes about Somalia.
  • Finally, another WSJ post in the Lomborg challenge of best-spending scarce resources for international development in A Drug Exec and a Congressmen Spend $10 Billion.

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