13 August 2008

Matt McGann of MIT Admissions on HighTechFever TV

I was very pleased to host Matt McGann, Associate Director of MIT Admissions, on my HighTechFever TV show tonight. I've known Matt since his own undergrad days at the Institute and it was eye-opening to learn about his current role. He and a dozen or so colleagues travel the US and world to spread the word about MIT, attract some 13,000 or so applications, and go through the daunting task of selecting some 1,500 for admission. Ultimately 2/3 chose MIT, leading to a class of about 1,000. And this year's crop -- the Class of 2012! -- are landing in Cambridge in about a week. Of course Matt and colleagues have moved on -- they're now thinking about the Class of 2013! Anyone interested in Matt's further opinion on things should check out his MIT Admissions Blog!

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