24 May 2010

Gross Incompetence ~ BP = Broken Promises?

I'm disgusted with how stunningly broken and ill-prepared BP -- the self-described "Beyond Petroleum" company -- has been in responding to their latest man-made eco-disaster. Why the reckless choices in sealing the well? Why the unrealistic evac preps? Why the ill-preparedness for emergency? Why the delay in calling the alarm? Why were there not multiple containment vessels pre-positioned? Where are the tested clean-up techniques which work at-scale? Why the infighting and backstabbing? Why the secrecy and stupidity about flow-rate, independent analysis, information access? Where are the deployable underwater petro-Hoovers? The Big Picture spots the resulting gross incompetence... Totally inadequate clean-up measures... And a sampling of the collaterally damaged...

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