24 September 2010

Empleolisto.com.mx ~ Mexicans Txt Here 4 Jobs!

Excellent to see our MIT Development Ventures alumco Assured Labor launch their latest site -- empleolisto.com.mx -- which enables companies in Mexico to recruit better candidates, more rapidly, at lower cost using web and mobiles. Co-founded by a joint MIT and Harvard team, the firm has been relentless in testing, improving, and iterating their core venture offering. Jenara Nerenberg just wrote a very nice piece in Fast Company interviewing them, Text Here for a New Job...
"There’s 4 billion people in the world with cell phones and only 1.5 billion with access to the internet. Over two-thirds of internet users in emerging markets don’t have computers at home. This means that traditional job boards have only exposed the tip of the iceberg in terms the opportunity. [...] Assured Labor is the first digital marketplace for jobs optimized for the way that people in emerging markets find jobs. [...] Entering Mexico after Nicaragua was the obvious next step. It’s a vast market, with 85 million mobile subscribers and only 30 million internet subscribers. Of individuals on the internet, only one-third has a computer at home. Add to that a young text-savvy population, high job turnover and our ability to leverage our great team in Nicaragua, and there you have it."

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