08 September 2010

John Mills ~ Materials Biology, FluidicMEMS, plus

Great to have MIT alumnus John Mills join me on MaximizingProgress.tv tonight. After undergrad studies at Cornell in more classic materials science, he came to MIT and ended up at the cutting edge of materials and biology using -- and even co-developing -- the latest tools for understanding the mechano-physical properties of red blood cells. This work has tremendous bearing on understanding the impact of Malaria in humans. This relevance to a tropical ailment was one major driver towards John's subsequent collaborations in Singapore, the equatorial city-state with strong MIT research ties. His interest in cross-disciplinary activities had at least one other compelling consequence, namely his major commitment to running informal social gatherings to connect folks. These include the WeeklyWednesdays at MIT's Muddy Charles Pub and the leaders-oriented Acoustic BBQ and most recently the FluidicMEMS gatherings. Excellent contributions, all of them!

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