02 September 2010

Like-a-Bike ~ WSJ Kids Say Look Ma, No Pedals!

Anjali Athavaley writes in the WSJournal about kids who say Look Ma, No Pedals!
"A new breed of bicycles that claims to help improve balance and allay jitters is changing how kids reach this childhood milestone. The bikes promote a simple strategy: ride without the pedals first. Balance bikes -- also called like-a-bikes and run bikes -- are already widespread in Europe and are gaining popularity in the U.S. Bike makers say that children develop balance most effectively by sitting on the bike and walking with their feet flat on the ground and learning to pedal later."
I personally remember the trauma of going cold-turkey after training wheels and this seems so much more sensible! And cycling has been and will remain the sustainable mobility solution of the the future, so this is endlessly relevant!

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