12 September 2010

MIT Neurotechnology Ventures ~ Fall 2010!

Spread the word! The latest incarnation of our joint MIT Media Lab - Brain & Cognitive Science - Biological Engineering - Health Science & Technology - Sloan School of Management Neurotechnology Ventures Action Lab launches this week Tuesday, 14 September 2010, from 2-4pm here at the MIT Media Lab. Neurotechnology broadly is about advances through neuroscience and neuroengineering of our ability to diagnose and treat mind, brain, and nervous system ailments of all types. Ventures means planning and building the organizations which spread these technologies widely. We had some great plans in 2009 and in 2008, and we look forward to running this class again...In addition to being cross-disciplinary, Neurotechnology Ventures is a founding element of the Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program. Our shared goal is to have venture concepts continue on beyond time in class, winning competitions, formally incorporating, raising money, scaling up, selling product or service, and having real-world impact! To give you some further taste for our philosophy in running this class and in pursuing innovative new approaches to neurotechnology, see this ScienceLives interview with my co-instructor Ed Boyden on Mind Control!

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