06 August 2012

Acid Victims ~ Vile & Inhuman Attacks Epidemic?

The DailyMail shocks/spots Victims of Colombian acid attacks...
"Doused in a searing chemical; disabled and scarred for life; struck by a depression which can make it hard to go on -- the plight of Colombia's acid attack victims is truly heartbreaking. And the number of these horrific assaults is on the rise. At least 250 Colombian women have been disfigured in the last three years, with this year’s victim reports already outpacing 2011’s. [...] many are believed victimized by former lovers or some [...] for their looks. [...] 51-year-old Consuelo Cordoba was attacked by her boyfriend 11 years ago -- requiring her to wear a mask to prevent infection and a tube to breathe out of her nose [...] Today she walks a market in Bogota begging for change after, like many acid victims, being unable to find work for herself due to her appearance. 'I've thought about committing suicide, yes sir, I've thought about taking my life three times. I say to myself, why live? With a life like the one I have, what for?'"
Wow. I'm beside myself with both disgust at the subhumans who do this and wanting to embrace these women and convey strength and salute their resilience. Employers, please hire them. Doctors, treat. Everyday citizens, acknowledge their humanity. And politicians -- get your shit together and really criminalize these despicable acts.

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