14 October 2012

Diverse Mombasa ~ Mwachiro on Kenyan Portcity

The BBC's Kevin Mwachiro's report on Mombasa: One Square Mile of Kenya spotlights the historic waves and current diversity of culture and connectedness in this key East African portcity...
"... there are challenges -- modernity, commerce, and the politics of Kenya and neighbouring countries -- all lapping at the shores of this island city. Portugal, Oman, India and Britain all left their mark in the past. Today, Somalia is very much part of the cultural mix. Mombasa is now a safe haven for many Somalis leaving behind decades of fighting in their native land. [But one example of the positives is gathering in] a funfair in the centre of the city to celebrate the end of Ramadan. The place was full of families -- Muslim, Christian and Hindum -- all having fun together. That is the picture of Mombasa that sticks in my mind. A bustling place, a bit ramshackle in parts, with the beautifully restored areas of the Old Town, and others in dire need of a good spring clean. Most importantly, a place marked by the tolerance of its people, and a strong sense of what it means to be from here."

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