19 October 2013

Dog Days ~ Frank Docu on Street Food Venturing!

Thanks to food freedom advocate Baylen Linnekin at Reason.com for spotting frank documentary Dog Days on DC street food venturing...
"If you want to see the challenges small food entrepreneurs face on a daily basis -- with long hours of hard work as their only guarantee -- then you’ll love Dog Days. [The Directors say...] we began shooting when there were only a few food trucks on the scene, and we loved Coite’s idea of bringing new food to the streets, but working with existing vendors. We also felt like there was a largely untold story there about an immigrant population of vendors that have been selling food on the streets of DC for over 20 years. [...] We wanted to capture the immigrant story in the film because it’s a community that can easily be overlooked in the course of day-to-day life."

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