18 January 2014

Urban Farming ~ Imagining Future Boston Food...

http://www.bostonglobe.com/ideas/2014/01/19/urban-farming-took-off-what-would-boston-look-like/uCbjPMTfWVGb7i4Qxyf6uJ/story.htmlThe Globe's Leon Neyfakh asks If urban farming took off, what would Boston look like?
"Not every farm looks like a farm any more. A new type of agriculture has been sprouting up in urban centers [...] and Boston’s new ordinance opens the city up to a whole range of ideas about how to integrate food production into city life. [...] On the more inventive side, entrepreneurs are trying to reimagine the traditional mechanics of agriculture so that it might be woven into the built landscape of a dense and busy city. Now that Boston has officially signaled its interest, the possibilities are vast -- maybe Boston can even become home to North America’s first skyscraper farm"
Neyfakh goes on to spotlight several specific ideas...
  • A-Frame Conveyors ~ Ferris wheels for plants
  • High-Rise Farming ~ Greenhouse skyscrapers
  • Rooftop Greenhouses ~ Available empty acres
  • Hydroponic Trays ~ Stacked veggie growing
  • Shipping Container Mini-Farms ~ LED-litups
  • Tilapia Ecosystems ~ Fish-fertilized gardens
  • Shopping Cart Gardens ~ Guerrilla agriculture
  • Corner Fields ~ Using vacant land parcels
  • Undersea Edibles ~ Shellfish and seaweed
  • Green Basements ~ LED-lit underused areas
  • Bees ~ Urban healthy insect husbandry
  • Chickens ~ Non-rooster urban coops


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

That's actually pretty interesting with the A-frame conveyors that are basically a Ferris wheel for plants! I also like the rooftop and high-rise farming and greenhouse ideas. Honestly, these diagrams and blueprint plants of how the greenhouses would look are quite revolutionary and genius! I think the future holds a lot of promise for urban farming with hydroponic technology, rooftop greenhouses, and A-frame conveyors.