08 July 2008

Alex d'Arbeloff ~ R.I.P.

Alex d'Arbeloff, MIT alumnus, co-founder of Teradyne, high-tech venture investor, and former Chairman of the MIT Corporation, just passed away. I'm very sad to say we have lost a giant of generosity. I got to know Alex mostly from our work creating and running the MIT Chairman's Salon (with Dianne Goldin, Robert Wickham, et al) and also through his active engagement in so many aspects of Entrepreneurship @ MIT. Alex and Brit, his MIT alumna (and fellow entrepreneur) wife, have been extraordinarily philanthropic supporters of key things at the Institute, from professorships to special initiative funds to physical campus developments. May his venturesome spirit endure through these great gifts and through the dozens -- indeed hundreds -- of entrepreneurs he personally inspired, financed, and otherwise empowered!

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