31 July 2008

Sporn ~ The Latest Disgusting Internet Craze ;-)

CNN breaks the shocking news that Video game's user content spawns naughty Web 'Sporn'. SimCity creator Will Wright's latest video game, Spore, allows users to craft and guide the evolution of unique animated creatures and complex civilizations. But to the outrage of religious zealots, defenders of internet virtues, and fundamentalist philanthropes everywhere, creature-crazy sicko videogamers are creating...
...two-legged dancing testicles, a "giant breast monster" and a four-legged, "phallic fornication machine," for starters. These naughty -- some would say obscene -- creations have spawned an Internet meme, nicknamed "Sporn" -- short for "Spore" porn... The creatures are not just static. Users can create animated scenarios for the characters to engage in, some of which include sexually graphic acts. When EA got word of the "Sporn" creations, it began working with YouTube to pull them down. Players who repeatedly upload "offensive content" are warned, suspended and eventually banned.
This clearly signals the end of civilization as we know it.

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