04 July 2008

Liberty ~ The Ceaseless Struggle Continues

http://www.allsparkfireworks.com/blog/tag/statue-of-liberty/On the 4th of July Americans celebrate the Declaration of Independence, a remarkable pact by citizen-statesmen rebelling against a domineering imperialist power! But it is worth remembering that the struggle for Liberty is never-ending both here in the US and worldwide. And that governments which at one point might be reasonably good can too easily become bloated, corrupt, oppressive, and violent, run by pandering partisan politicos, despots and republicrats alike, including those who misrule under the rubric of "democracy" by appealing to the vices of those allowed to vote, who tax-and-spend, redistribute what is not theirs, serve up bread & circuses, and who fundamentally fail to execute on basic civic duties -- e.g. protection of sacrosanct individual rights, security from crime and kidnapping, defense from invasion and oppression, rule-of-law, working courts, anti-corruption, transparency, fiscal frugality, etc.

John Hancock and his fellow 55 signers of the Declaration fought for inalienable individual rights and limited government and against government-imposed limits on personal action, taxation without representation, military adventurism, limits on immigration, illegal seizures of persons and property, and more -- each mentioned by line-item in the Declaration itself. We should remember that these righteous 56 suffered terribly for their boldness and always keep in mind the core principles which their actions bequeathed us. Because the regrettable facts are that today the USA...
  • Has a vast array of anti-liberty laws against personal choice -- e.g. zoning laws, licensing laws, rent-controls, employment and labor laws, anti-discrimination ordinances, marriage-limits laws, endless prohibitions on the production, distribution, and/or consumption of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, porn, prostitution, nudity, swear-words, most of the personal "sins", etc.
  • Taxes people onerously at all levels, including endless stealth taxes on non-voting corporations, hidden fees, unfunded mandates, impenetrable tax codes, extortionist enforcements, sin taxes, property taxes, death taxes, income taxes, asset taxes, production taxes, consumption taxes, "excess-profit" taxes, etc.
  • Engages in outrageously expensive foreign wars either illegally or incompetently or both.
  • Prevents free in-migration and open movement of people through barbaric walls and quotas and constraints.
  • Seizes property and/or children of people deemed immoral-illegal or merely in the way -- e.g. Waco, Zion Ranch, DC property owners, etc -- and worse. The list, I'm afraid, just goes on and on.
The saddest thing is that while all these pernicious practices show how far this country has strayed away from the glorious freedom-philosophy of Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, Hancock, and other founding fathers, most other countries in the world today are even worse! There is a lot of work to be done. The cause of Liberty globally is great, but the struggle for it must never cease and surrender is not an option!

P.S. One recent small but heartwarming victory in the worldwide fight for Liberty is Operation Jaque, the daring and audacious rescue by Colombian forces of Íngrid Betancourt and 14 others kidnapped and long held hostage by the vicious FARC, a band of Marxist-Leninist guerrilla-terrorist rabble. See the as-it-happened video on BBC!

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