07 July 2008

News from the 'Tute!

Couple MIT stories of note...MIT Architecture Professor Larry Sass Puts up a prefab at MoMA as "one of five architects featured in a major show this summer at the Museum of Modern Art titled "Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling," which focuses on the importance of prefabricated and sustainable housing." I've spotlighted Larry before because his ideas can transform the enormous construction sector dramatically.

CNN's Lara Farrar writes Snails inspire design for state-of-the-art robots about MIT Mech E Professor Anette Hosoi's research into the slimey crawlers who can traverse the most remarkable surfaces and orientations. (See also this video of Stanford's StickyBot!-)

MIT alumnus, head of the Venture Mentoring Service, and BOSE Corporation co-founder Sherwin Greenblatt has been tapped as interim CEO of the Alumni Association following Beth Garvin's move to RISD.

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