01 July 2008

Man On Wire ~ New Documentary of Twin Towers Tightrope Performance

The BBC has a lovely little video interview with the key players in and behind the new documentary of Twin Towers tightrope walker Philippe Petit entitled Man On Wire. Says Philippe: "Everyone knows the end of the towers, but this is a celebration of their life!" And the planning and scheming required to pull it off is an MIT-style hack of epic proportions! More from Philippe: "When I see three oranges, I juggle; when I see two towers, I walk." Glorious!

P.S. The incomparable Scott Kirsner weighs in with his own commentary about Petit and Marsh and the documentarians. He also recommends this Sundance snippet...

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Scott Kirsner said...

This was a really great doc -- got to see it at a film festival earlier in the year... and Petit gave a talk afterward. What a treat!