16 July 2008

David Grosof ~ OptiOpia Affordable Eyecare

I interviewed David Grosof, co-founder and President of OptiOpia -- the affordable eyecare company -- on my MaximizingProgress.tv (aka HighTechFever TV) show tonight. This business was born at MIT through the impassioned work of genius inventor-engineer Saul Griffith -- OptiOpia co-founder and Chairman, then at the MIT Media Lab -- who realized there needed to be a better way to both capture the correct prescription and craft the correct lens to create inexpensive, everyday eyeglasses for the nearly one billion people worldwide who need such glasses but either can't afford them or can't get a supply. Saul built prototype systems, won the HBS business plan contest, and most recently embarked on the OptiOpia venture to spread the best solution. After his own doctoral studies in neuroscience and clinical research career in vision ailments, David originally met Saul while attending the MIT Sloan MBA program and subsequently joined forces to drive the widespread distribution of what they describe as:
Affordable Technology for Eyecare: (1) a low-cost auto-refractor to get the right prescription and (2) a lens molder for on-the-spot on-demand lens manufacture.
This is an excellent example of a developmental entrepreneurship venture addressing one of the key global consumer health gigachallenges!

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