28 July 2008

Shawn Frayne @ IDDS ~ Inventor of SoDis Water Disinfection Bag & Windbelt Power Generator

I just saw MIT alum and Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award winner Shawn Frayne at the International Development Design Summit (IDDS) at MIT. Shawn was in Amy Smith's first D-Lab class -- the Haiti Class -- and has been inspired to invent solutions to developing country challenges ever since. Today he showed off both his SoDis Bag invention for solar water disinfection as well as his Windbelt turbine-less wind power machine. Here's a little video snippet showing how the Windbelt works... He's commercializing the Windbelt via startup company Humdinger Wind Energy. SoDis he's partly licensed to an inflatable packaging business in rich country markets and cross-funding developing country applications. Shawn also emphasized the emerging and growing category of Confluence Technologies, inventions which are relevant in both rich and developing countries. These are not merely Appropriate Technologies but Everywhere Technologies!

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