24 September 2008

Egyptian Naguib Sawiris on Charlie Rose!

My HighTechFever.tv guest Sherife Abdel Messih strongly recommended to me this Charlie Rose interview with businessman Naguib Sawiris. After watching it, I now strongly recommend it to you. Mr Sawiris is refreshingly straightforward and right-thinking and quite humorous. And his monologue on why the United States is great should be given out as a civic lesson:
[Starting at 22:45] The United States is greatest country on Earth. It's a country where there is the rule of law and order... it's a country where the president cannot jail anybody. It's a country where if you change your religion you don't get lynched. It's a country which fought always for the rights of others. When the Muslims were being slaughtered in Yugoslavia, [the US are] the ones that moved, not the Islamic world. It's a country that's always stood up for what's right and against what's wrong. It's offered opportunities for everybody, every immigrant in the world... it's unbiased... it's fair... The people are charitable, helpful, kind, easy going... open.
And he wants to convert the North Koreans to capitalism! Watch for yourself...

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