04 September 2008

MIT Happenings ~ D-Lab, Development Ventures, IDFair, Campaign, Sustainability@MIT, and more!

Very exciting couple days kicking off the Fall semester here at MIT! Our International Development Innovations colleague Amy Smith's D-Lab intro class kicked off with overflow interest. We're in the thick of planning for the latest International Development Fair a month from now on Friday October 3rd to help build our larger International Development Network here at the Institute and beyond. MIT is launching the Campaign for Students that day too, with Amy keynoting, and engaging students in solving global challenges is central to the campaign agenda. Sandy Pentland and I kicked off our Development Ventures seminar with a full-house of participation drawing students from MIT Sloan, engineering, architecture & planning, and science, both graduate and undergraduate programs, plus substantial cross-registration from Harvard, especially the Kennedy School of Government. Very exciting! And tonight I was delighted to say a few words to the assembled founding core team of the Sustainability@MIT student-initiative. This confluence of historically fragmented and smaller-scale clubs has come together to spotlight and tackle some of the biggest, most pressing problems on our planet.

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