11 September 2008

Fouling Our Nest? ~ Daily 911 of US Oil Demand

R.I.P. David Berray and others from the atrocity of 2001, when a band of religious wingnuts chose a particularly cruel way to impose their will directly on several thousand innocents. Thenceforth the Twin Towers of NYC have been viscerally carved in our collective imagination as giant, tangible examples of human constructive ingenuity as well as the physical fragility of humanity in the face of both natural and man-made forces. So when I came across this rather shocking infographic earlier this morning, I thought, my god, can the small nest we call Earth actually absorb the equivalent of a daily 911 of US oil demand? Like with smoking cigarettes, the dirty by-products of our chosen actions can be deadly. And as with many tragedies of the commons, those most negatively affected are often external to those who benefit (and they have no choice in the matter)...

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