23 September 2008

NeuroVista's Dan DiLorenzo in Neurotech Ventures

It was excellent to have NeuroVista founder Dr Dan DiLorenzo speak tonight in our MIT Neurotechnology Ventures class on The War Story Behind a Venture to Revolutionize Epilepsy Treatment. Dan first got interested in control systems and robotics in Junior High and ended up at MIT working on neurostimulation and rehabilitation. Six degrees later, he had won the Lemelson-MIT Inventor Prize, created his first commerical product, Sleep-Dry, to help kids avoid bedwetting, and begun patenting his product and method ideas for neuro-solutions. By 2003 he and team won second place in MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition (then merely $50K!) for their NeuroBionics idea. Two name changes (and ~$40M in VC financing) later, the NeuroVista business is blossoming. And Dan has started his next venture, DiLorenzo Biomedical!

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