23 October 2008

Bikes Rule! ~ The Planet-Friendly People-Mover...

By some estimates there are over one billion bicycles on Planet Earth -- the most popular people-mover technology ever, except for possibly shoes! The Economist recently had a story, On Your Bike, about the world's biggest bike maker, unsurprisingly known as Giant Manufacturing. They ship nearly a half-million units per month. The most interesting element of the Economist article is the infographic showing that for almost the last 40 years, bikes have sold two or three-times more units per year as cars in the worldwide marketplace. I've written before about emergent bicycling ventures -- especially Work Bikes which perform useful work tasks or help their owners earn an income. Plus We Cycling bike-share systems here in Cambridge and beyond. And RevoPower is a great example of a bicycle accessories business -- helping bikes become even more useful as the ultimate planet-friendly people-mover -- and a powerful force for entrepreneurship in developing countries. Stay tuned for more along these lines!

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